What does my work consist of? In the course of my professional work life, I started out - still in the US - to work in a traumatherapy program for victims of crime. Back to Austria, I worked during six years in a psychosomatic ward of the University clinic of Innsbruck. There I learned a lot about the connection between mind, body and soul and how the soul can manifest itself through the body. Then, during the times of giving birth to my three boys, I worked only in private practice. In 2012 I started working in a clinic for patients who suffer from burn-out. There, I learned a lot about this ailment of our hectic time and heard many stories of very different people. It turned out that hearing biographies of people is one of my biggest passions in life.


 If I would have to describe my work, I would rather describe my attitude -which then can be applied basically to all fields of work. In creation, all living beings have a tendency to "self-actualize". This means, that we all very intrinsically yearn to develop ourselves along our personal lines. My job is to help the individual to go along their very personal path. Certainly, in case there are problems, they need to be first dissolved in order not to create an obstacle along the way. However, such obstacles force us to stop right there, take time and immerse ourselves in the problem in order to understand and resolve it. This is usually the way of how we learn the most - by immersing ourselves in existential challenges and overcoming them. I am convinced - and I can see it happening in my own life - if we do what we deeply long for and what we are good at (this means living our own vocation or calling) - we become deeply happy and fulfilled. There is no longer the question about the meaning of life since it is very obviously there. Living your vocation is the major path to happiness - no matter what this calling encompasses.